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Amrut Vachan


God is called MATA,

because He has happiness and prosperity of all souls at heart

just an earthly mother, out of extreme love and kindness,

desires happiness and prosperity for her offspring.


God is called PITAMAH, because

He is father of fathers,and PRAPITAMAH,

because He is the father of father’s father.


God is called PITA, because He protects all.

Just as a father, through paternal love and kindness

always desires the good of His children,

even so does God, the father of all,

desires happiness for all.


God is called BANDHU, because He is like a brother

unto all the world and supports, protects and

gives happiness to all.


God is called BANDHU,because

He keeps all the world bound by laws in Himself,

and helps to keep them in order

so that they cannot move out of their orbits

or the laws of their constitution.


God is called HOTA, because

He gives to souls what is worth giving

and accept from them what is worth accepting.


God is called YAJNA, because He synthesizes all the objects of the world;

He is reverenced by all the learned men; was, is and shall be worshipped

by all the sages and saints from Brahma onwards and because

He is pervading everywhere.


God is called KETU,

as He is the abode of the universe,

free from death and disease

and frees the emancipated souls

from disease and sufferings during the

period of salvation.


The name of God is RAHU,

because He is essentially one,

without admixture of anything else,

who rejects the wicked and frees others

from the hands of the wicked.


God is called SANAISCHRA,

because He reaches or gains access to all with ease,

and possesses great fortitude.


The name of God is SUKRA,

as He is extremely pure and by His association,

the soul becomes pure.


God is called BUDHA as He is all knowledge,

and is the source of knowledge of all souls.