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Navlakha Mahal
Monday - Sunday
10:00 - 18:00


Thousands of devotees of vedic culture has contributed to bring up this monument upto this stage, but some of them have contributed generously as, listed below:-

  • M/s Economic Transport, Mumbai
  • Sh. Krishna Chopra, U.K.
  • Babu Methai Lal Singh, Mumbai
  • (Late) Sh. Ram Singh Rathore, Udaipur
  • Rajkumari Harvansh Lal Charitable Trust
  • (Late) Sh. Ramesh Chandra, Chopra, Delhi
  • Sh. Vijay Kumar Sharma, Bhilwara
  • Sh. Vikram Jeet Kapoor, Delhi, USA
  • Sh. Shyam Sundar Arya, Delhi
  • Sh. Chandu Lal Agrawal, Ahemadabad
  • Sh. Ragunath Dhar, USA
  • (Late) Sh. Mohan Lal Mohit, Mauritius
  • Sh. Rambhaj Madan, Delhi
  • Sh. Deen Dayal Gupta, Kolkata
  • Sh. Gopal Chandra (Member of British empire)
  • Sh. Mitrasen Chaudhary, Rohtak
  • Dr. Deen bandhu Chandora
  • (Late) Sh. Onkar Nath Arya
  • Dr.YK. Gupta Udaipur
  • Sh. Satyananda Munjal, Jullandhar


(Vanprasth Satya Piarayan Arya)

Vanprastha Shri Satyanarayan Arya is a famed as a generous industrialist. He has an unique love for the Yajna. The root­mantra of Yajna, inherited in every pore of his body. He has contributed a lot in the field of Education and ‘Medicine. Ht has been a architect of many institutions, he has also organized a number of camps for the free treatment of eyes ailment, piles and other general disease.

He along with other donors (inspired by him) has established permanent funds to carry out the Yajna etc. In the Yajnashalas adopting proper and recognized methods.

When an appeal along with a photograph of proposed Yajna Shala at Navalakha Mahal was made for the donation, Shri Vanprasthaji came forward with a contribution of Rupees five lakhs. As such the Yagnashala named “Satyanarayan Gulabi Devi Lahoti Yagnashala” was constructed with his major donati Now in Yajnashala, Yajna is continuously being performed in the morning and evening everyday. For this purpose he made available to the trust a permanent fund of Rs. 1,42,829 till and he has a goal to raise this fund up to Rs. 2.5 Lakhs.

He urged that quality products should be used in offerings of home. He is planning to establish permanent funds so that Chandan wood, Jaiphal, Javantri and Guggul may be purchased out of available interest. Vanprasth Ji is also one of the honorable trustees of the Nyas and he is always readily available for his able and learned guidance and inspiration in the activities of the trust.

Our Steps would have frozen if you were not with us.

(Dr. Sukhdev Chand soni, Chicago land U.S.A.)

We became stunned by the sad demise of Rev. Swami Tattvabodh Saraswati. Now how and what would be? One marathon question was before us. Swamiji Maharaj had his own glorious back-circle. The biggest ­thing was, only execution part of plans was entrusted to me. How finance would be arranged, was not my concern. It is a fundamental truth that even best among the best plan is delayed and even left unimplemented due to scarcity of funds. The Trust was carrying out many plans and many wer, to be launched. Now what would be their fate? The Trust has strived hard to arrange the broadcast of the teachings of Satyarth Prakash for the ­benefit of rural children, which required a huge amount of money­.

I would never forget the day when I was presenting our Annual Report the Satyarth Prakash Mahotsav 2006. The Guest of Honor was a famous Cancer Specialist, Founder President, Arya Samaj Chicago, U.S.A. philanthropist and generous devotee of Arya Culture and Vedic Sanskriti who has purchased a Church in two lakh dollars and established Arya Samaj Chicago Land, such a gigantic personality, Honorable Dr. Sukhdev Chand ji Soni, along with him seated his beloved wife Honorable Sarojji. The Dean of Ved Prachar, Arya Samaj Chicago, the Vedic scholar Dr. Dilip Vedalankar was also sitting beside them, glorifying the Dias.

When I appealed in our report that if some generous donor could contribute amount of Rupees two and half lakh every year, the Trust could carry out its Vedic Publicity Scheme conveniently. The valiant and generous donor Hon’able Dr. Soni lost no time to declare his acceptance to my appeal as such. What a blind person wishes for? Two eyes! Our disgrace and frustration evaporated. New resolutions were carried out. Mounting on the wings of enthusiasm, we accelerated the speed of Vedic Propagation Program. With the purpose of disseminating the teachings and philosophy ot Maharishivar to the posterity, under a scheme of awarding Rupees Ten Lakhs, a World wide Program for the promotion of teachings of Satyarth Prakash was undertaken and we are proud that we could reach thousands of children within this country as well as across the sea. With his benevolence, Trust also has its website. The credit for all this achievement goes to Dr. Sony’s generosity. We feel lack of words in his praise. Now how can we express our gratitude for his generosity? Whenever there is difficulty, I find Dr. soni always with me, willingly. voluntarily, scattering all clouds. I find him as our Patron in true sense after Swami Tattvabodhji. May he bless us with his guidance, and support, very much required at every step of our activity.

Giver of Power,Adoratio, Mantra

(Karmayogi Mahashaya Dharmpalji)

Having smart, active and glorious personality. man of confidence, and brand Ambassador of his own products, a prominent producer, approaching on every channel, melodious, soft spoken, and affectionate man of action, Shri Dharmpalji is also famous by the name of M.D.H. spices (Masale), known among every child and house wife. The Mahashaya’s life is a source of inspiration for one and all. “Earning not for self or for own family but meant for the as a whole society” is the motto of his life.

In absence of a assembly hall in the Navlakha Mahal many activities like Yoga Training, Satsang, Students Training Camp etc. were badly affected specially by the weather conditions.

We are unable to describe the generosity and great heartedness of Mahashaya Ji who had very generously consented for the construction of a magnificent Cultural Education Centre in the memory of his wife” Pujya Mata Leela Vanti Ji, and proved that he is the true devotee of Maharishi Dayanand.

Without his contribution nothing could have possible

(Swami Tattvabodh Saraswati)

(Late) Choudhary was an industrialist and though his connection with Arya Samaj was not much old, but he was impressed very much with the personality and creation of Maharishi Dayanand. His contribution towards getting the Navlakha Mahal in favour of Aryans was immense. When this heritage edifice was handed over to Aryajans in 1992, it was in a obsolete poor condition. It’s back rooms were stored with the bottles of country liquor. This was the condition of such a pious place. When Shri Choudhary saw this condition of the pious building, he took a resolution to develop it into a marvelous place. Since 1994, I got the opportunity to contribute my toils and flown every drop of sweet for the repayment of my Rishi Rin. (Debt of Maharishi Dayanand)

Thereafter, rare scene of “Sarvamedh Yajna” could be seen on this pious place, which not only renovated this perished building into a glorious memorial but also converted it into a powerful centre for propagating the Vedic Culture and teachings of Satyarth Prakash. All Credit to Rev. Swami Tattvabodh Saraswati

The Aryajans worldwide, will always remember the contribution of (Previous name – Hanuman Prasad Choudhary), who had not limited himself up to donating rupees one crore, but he sacrificed all the capabilities of his life and renounced the luxurious life walking down on the hard road of meditation and sadhana. A heartily and warm tribute to the soul of Swami Tattvabodh Saraswati from all of us solicited.

We would Always Remain your Indebted.

(Mahamahim Bheron Singh Ji Shekhawat) Vice President of India

Mahamahim has been an admirer of Satyarth Prakash. When all out efforts made by the Aryajans for 15 yrs to develop the dilapidate old historical heritage, Navlakha Mahal, where Dayanand Saraswati created the famous work “Satyarth Prakash”, to convert it into a most glorious monument, seemed unsuccessful, the then Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Hon’ble Bheron Singh Ji Shekhawat handed over this pious pilgrim to Arya,jans in 1992. This made him won the heats of lakh of fans of Vedic culture.

Today this magnificent place has become a successful tool of inspiring the teachings of Satyarth Prakash, created by Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati for the visitors and tourists, who are visiting Udaipur. The Aryajans would not forget the contribution in thi, regard made by Hon’ble Sekhwat Sahib. Sir, we are heartily obliged and would always be.