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Navlakha Mahal
Monday - Sunday
10:00 - 18:00
Satyarth Prakash Nyas / Projects & Activites

Projects & Activites

Some Activities:

  • Sandhya, Agnihotra, Vedic Prayers and Satyarth Prakash Katha’s morning and evening everyday.
  • Visiting tourists who come from every corner of the world are acquainted with Vedic darshan, Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati and Arya Samaj.
  • Propagation of Human value oriented Vedic Sanskriti in Rural Area especially among teachers and students, through a ‘Ved pracher Van’
  • Satyarth Prakash – self study test scheme (regular) under Pt. Rajbal Sharma Memorial Awards is available.
  • Global Satyarth Message expansion Project – one year project (target ¬covering 125000 student world wide, total prize money – Rs. 10 Lakhs)
  • Monthly Assembly (First Sunday evening of every month)
  • Arya Family get- together (Thrice a year)
  • Celebration of Satyarth Prakash Mahotsav every year (125th Anniversary of Satyarth Prakash will be celebrated on 5 – 7 Oct. 2007 at Udaipur).
  • Yog centre very popular and beneficial among the citizens of Udaipur.
  • Sahitya sale centre, had sold vedic sahitya including Satyarth Prakash worth rupees 30 Lakh till date.
  • Universally appreciated gem publications like Dayanand Darshan ¬Satyarth Darshan, Tatva Chintan etc.
  • Facility to conduct all sixteen sanskars.
  • Summer camps for students, to teach them essence of vedic sanskars.

Brief Evaluation of our work : 

Udaipur city is famous world wide for its beauty and attract lakh of Indian and foreign tourists every year. Luckily Navlakha Mahal, where the Satyarath Prakash was written, is situated in Gulab bagh which itself is a famous tourist place. Naturally, hundreds of tourist also visit Navlakha Mahal every month. They found this place attractive and inspiring due to facets described in previous pages.

After visiting this monument, tourists definitely have some idea of the great work done by Great Dayanand Saraswati. This is evident by that fact that Vedic literature worth over 30 lakh has been sold to these tourists (Not necessary Arya Samajis) including thousands of Satyarth Prakash, over past few years. This opportunity is not available at other places.
If we could built SATYARTH PRAKASH STAMBH (Tower) as we planned, number of visitors will be increased by at least l0 times. Hence kindly help in the project. Join hands with us and donate generously.

We are trying our best to spread the message of Satyarth Prakash among students. This is the need of hour. Every year we touches more than 100 middle and secondary schools and same number of villages. It takes at least 6¬- months. Preachers of Vedic Sanskriti, through our Ved Prachar unit, teaches story of Vedic Culture to students and natives of rural areas. We also enroll them as member of Ved prachar mandal and send them Vedic literature. We also conducting very successfully examination on Satyarth Prakash from past 2 years. Every Near we are able to attract about 5000 students.

This year is the 125th anniversary of writing of Satyarth Prakash. Hence 2007, is very special. ‘We enhance our target and total reward money was raised to Ten lacs. Over 20,000 students have joined this examination scheme this year.

I am convinced that this is the only way to attract youngsters towards Vedic culture. I don’t say that this is enough but definitely this is something in the atmosphere of nothing. Kindly help the project as Dr. S.C. Soni ( Chicagoland) and Mr. Prabhat Sharma (Harmiston) is doing.

My friends, you will definitely be glad to knowing that a leading Newspaper of Udaipur (Dainik Bhaskar) ranked Navlakha Mahal 5th among the palaces, ”Monuments, lakes etc. who made Udaipur world famous. It is a great evaluation. Is it not?

A vision ! would itbe fulfilled? 

As all the Aryajans knew that Nyas wanted to construct a unique, fourteen angles and fourteen story 125 ft. high Satyarth Prakash Stambh (Tower costing to Rupees 5 crores, at the writing place of Satvarth Prakash Navalkha Mahal, Udaipur). Matchless throughout the world, it would ha imbeded with the teachings of Satyarth Prakash for infinite period would ensure to serve as light house for the humanity. Presently, I would urge to the aryajans who may contemplate it all extravagancy to incur expenses on constructing such a huge building project, though they might be right in saying that the Arya Samaj has achieved much progress in the field of constructing building than in the field of spreading the teaching of Satyarth Prakash and thus almost legged behind. But we most humbly would urge that a few places related to the memories of Mahrishi Dayanand should be developed so marvelously which may prove attractive and inspiring to the visitors from all over the world, so that people should 1st least come here out of anxiety and fulfill the sense of their inner beauty. Then only the Nyas would be able to approach them to make them acquaint with the Vedic Culture. If people would not turn up, how could they be exposed with the charm of the teachings of Satyarth Prakash?

It is our belief that Satyarth Prakash Bhawan (Navlakha Mahal) is at the apex of all memorials associated with events in the life of Maharishi Dayanand. The reason is that Maharishi spent almost six and half months here with the specific objective of spreading the spirit of Vedic religion and swadeshi among the masses through the medium of their native rulers. During the period the atmosphere of this place resounded with the eloquent and enchanting voice of the great sage. This edifice is thus a living monument to the hallowed memory of the herald of the Indian renaissance of the 19th century and the founder of the Arya Samaj movement. It was here that the rishi completed the writing of Satyarth Prakash, his masterpiece. Thus in the emotional and historical perspective, it is the foremost of all the memorials dedicated to the Rishi’s memory.

With this approach in mind the Nyas was already ahead on the road of success from past twelve years and created attraction towards the Navlakha Mahal among the visitors and thus converted their attraction into curiosity towards the activities of the Nyas. Under such situation if the Stambh (Tower) of our vision could be constructed, it might prove a golden place in the history of Aryan heritage. Lacs of Tourists, who visit Udaipur would be inspired. The pride of Aryajans would be boosted infinitely.

We not only think to engrave Satyarth Prakash in it but the teachings through this Stambh would be depicted in most attractive, marvelously and in live form. For example, to depict the Pitri Yanjna in its true form as described in the Satyarth Prakash, there would be scene of prohibiting traditional methods of Shradh of the deceased person and inspire them for a real Tarpan through serving parents and elders in various methods. All these scenes would be made live through synchronizing with sound and light arrangements. The Atithi-Shala (Guest-House) and Vanprastha Ashram may also be part of these depictions.

The vision of the Stambh could not be carried out in absence of permission from the State Government for the land attached to the Navlakha Mahal. Now we have reached to the conclusion that the land in Gulab Bagh, for wlrich we along with Swami Tattvabodha ji have struggled hard to get the same allotted for twelve years, is not going to be materialized, therefore, we are trying to purchase appropriate land outside. In such a situation, there would be no hurdle of Government sanctions But essential money for the same would still be a big problem.

However, even after the demise of Swami Tattvabodh Ji, with the blessings God none of the project of the Nyas was stopped in absence of money. When the responsibility of a cost of 20 – 25 Iacs to be incurred on the building of “Mata Leelawanti Vedic Sanskriti Training Center” was gladly taken by Karamyogi Manishi Mahashaya Dharmapal Ji (MDH Masala), it was heartily felt that the time of fulfilling the dream of building the Stambh has come. But, first of all, hove would the problem to arrange an amount of 40 – 45lacs for the purchase of land, will be sorted out. I was greatly surprised when staunch devotee (it would not be an exaggeration if I call him Deewana of Dayananad) Shri Vikramjeet Kapoor (Owner of Hotel Maharishi Davanand at America and New Delhi) visited suddenly to Navlakha Mahal. He was very much impressed with the arrangements, publicity, project etc. After observing for nearly five hours and remembering the generosity of Maharishi Dayanand, he practically wept a number of times. Shaking hands with me, the emotionally charged noble man, resolved and also made me resolved that we jointly would pave the way after getting rid over all the hurdles for building the Stambh. He said that he could not bear entire cost of the land proposed to be purchased but as a first Ahuti (contribution) he contributed rupees two lakh, and ensured to collect sufficient matching amount. This boost was not least for the conversion of power of thought into power of action. Now we would have to enter into action. As we were just thinking, Hon’ble Dr. Soni ji, who has given his patronage and blessing hand to the Nyas in all respect after the demise of Swami Tattvabodh ji, declared” the equivalent amount for this purpose. Therefore, I an convinced that with the blessings of competent Arya fellows (rich) the building of Satyarth Prakash Stambh would definitely carried out, probably in my life time.

I appeal to all disciples, devotees and lovers of Dayanand and Satyarth Prakash, who are blessed with God in context of money, may come forward and not only they themselves but get donated from their connections and associates generously, to get the vision of building the Stambh fulfilled. I can promise to work round the clock.

Be careful, what you wish for, because it is going to fulfill.